Hope Strongly

Every day she prays for him; that he may forget his brokenness and let the scars fade away, that he may not again think about the pain, that he may notice how in every step she’s there for him, not pulling away.


Always & Again

She is versed on the idea that he may forget her eventually. Over and over she decides to be on hold though many a time she is left hanging. Again, and again she decides to stay though she feels her worth is not much of anything. She agrees to be always there for him, to be always there in almost each thing.



He knew he needs to leave one station
but the change requires
the current to flow swiftly

He felt apprehensive
said sorry to himself
for feeling afraid

Between different conditions
he knew deep inside he was inconstant
but fear blinded the brave,
one step forward was extremely hard
for him to take